Dr. Fofi Constantinidou

Dr. Fofi Constantinidou is Professor of Language Disorders and Clinical Neuropsychology, Department of Psychology and Director of the Center for Applied Neuroscience at the University of Cyprus. She is Fellow of the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine (ACRM) and of the American Speech-Language Hearing Association. Her research focuses in the area of acquired adult neurological disorders and their effects on intellectual and cognitive abilities, in particular learning, memory, executive systems, and categorization.

Constantinidou has published extensively on brain injury and aging and her research has been funded by NIH, the European Union, the industry and the Cyprus Research and Innovation Foundation.

She is Chair of the International Networking Group of ACRM and a member of the Board of Governors of ACRM. In addition, she is Deputy Chair of CPLOL, the European Association of Speech Language Therapy and President of the Cyprus Association of Registered Speech Language Pathologists.

Professor Constantinidou is the 2019 recipient of the Distinguished Member Award of ACRM.

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